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Nationwide Closings in 7 languages

From our corporate location in Wilmington Ma, we have traditionally handled closings in New England. As a result of our lenders, we have now put together a national network of closing attorneys and title agents. One call , and we can make your life very simple. Convenient closings in office or at your home 6 days a week.



"My name is Donna , owner of All State Mortgage. My professional affiliation started with Alicia and Kim over 10 years ago. They are organized and efficient. Their closing system and their cutting edge application of technology is very impressive but what makes them most impressive is the care and professionalism they bring to every closing. Borrowers understand what they are signing when Champagne and Marchand handle the closings which prevent future problems and lead to satisfied and repeat business."

"I need to remain anonymous...but I work for a very large national lender. I had a closing where I was compelled to use an attorney for the closing, who while very nice just did not specialize in real estate. We needed to close on Friday, but needed a lien released from a city who refused. The atty had no clue and the closing was stalled for 2 weeks...Alicia was able to get the issue resolved for me in 30 minutes...and it was not even her closing. They know their stuff and help people even when it is not their deal."

"I am a  regional lender based in Maryland currently closing 400 loans a month in 14 states. I ordered my first closing 6 months ago. from Champagne and Marchand...I was amazed when after 20 minutes the title research was done....We have heard of service but this was incredible. Alicia's firm now gets a substantial amount of our business."

"I started in the mortgage business 30 years ago. Real estate closings are not Rocket Science...but can be easlily screwed up if there is not a system in place. I can tell you that Alicia and Kim have put in place a technology system that has many checks and balances.. and can close hundreds of transactions a month--but in my mind what makes them special is their warm and friendly personalities--especially toward the borrower. It is a pleasure working with you."


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